Upstate SC Chapter
of the American Payroll Association

The Officers, Committee Chairs and At-Large Board Members
(all persons listed on this page may be contacted through

President                  Marlon Baese, CPP
                                  Term: 2017-2018

                                   Greenville Hospital System

President-elect         Sherry Johnson
                                   Term: 2017-2018
                                   American Services, Inc.

                   Cyndi Bryson, FPC
                                    Term: 2017-2018

                                    Confluence Outdoor


Treasurer                  Denise Salopek, CPP

                                   Term: 2017-2018

                                   Young Accounting

Immediate Past         Louise Hartsell, CPP
President                   Term: 2017-2018

Elections will be held on an annual basis for portions of the leadership of the chapter which all serve two year terms.  The Officers will be elected in the fall of even number years to start their term the January of odd numbered years and Chairs and At-Large Directors will be elected in the fall of odd number years to start their term the January of even numbered years.


Education            OPEN

Co-Chair             Term: 2018-2020


         Rita Scott
Co-Chair            Term 2016-2018
                            Credit Central, LLC

Conference       Louise Hartsell, CPP

Chair                  Term: 2018
                             Carolina Payroll Conference 

Membership  Marc Dominick, CPP

Chair                  Term: 2016-2017

                           Greenville County School Dist



At-Large             Meg Hudak

Director              Term: 2016-2017

             Chet Zdanowski
Director              Term: 2016-2017

Newsletter        Joy Rollins, CPA
Editor                American Services, Inc.

Study Group   Rebecca Tompkins
Chair                Forest Acres Payroll                       








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